I am so sorry friend, I have completely forgotten your url, forgive me. >: But I promised I’d upload this for you since you didn’t have your camera, so here it is. You were so precious and adorable, and so very very lovely to me! I’m sorry I was a little bit tied up (ha ha. straitjacket joke, geddit?) and couldn’t properly express my affection and gratitude to you. You also caught me totally off guard because I never get recognised by tumblr people so that was a little surreal. But yes, rambling now. You were such a sweetheart, and you have the cutest little smile, so I’m sticking this up and hoping you see it, honey! owo

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    that was me!! owo”“,ahh thank you so much, i recognised you from other cosplays/selfies that you posted, you were super...
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